Penn State Plaque

I built this myself to showcase my Penn State Rookie Autograph Collection. More pictures will be added soon. Some cards have also been replaced with others since I last took these pictures.



PSU Auto Plaque (Updated 8/7/12) 

PSU Auto Plaque 

The top left card in the plaque is a "showcase" card. It is a 1997 Press Pass Torquers Joe Paterno. The card was pulled from production due to licensing issues however, some were released. I had this personally singed by Joe.

The top right card in the plaque is also a "showcase" card. It is a 1992 Front Row Joe Paterno Promo card. It's a personal favorite, which is why it is on the plaque.

The first rookie autograph in the plaque is a 1992 Courtside Sam Gash Autograph. It took me about 5 years to find this card.

Other cards in the plaque have been upgraded or changed. Some are personal favorites. The Michael Robinson was purchased for me. It's the reason it's in the center of the plaque and it will never be changed. The Sean Lee and Daryll Clark were both personally pulled from the same box of Press Pass. Those will also never be changed. 

The OJ McDuffie card I don't think was inserted into packs. The card itself comes with it's own COA from Front Row and is included in the plaque behind the card itself.

Aside from the cards mentioned above, some of my favorite cards include the 1995 Superior Pix Kerry Collins, 1998 Press Pass Curtis Enis, 2000 Sage Hit LaVar Arrington, and 2003 Press Pass Power Pick Larry Johnson. The Larry Johnson has since been replaced by a 2003 Ultimate Collection Autograph, which is one I've always wanted.


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