Penn State Football Autograph Collection


Gerald Hodges - Penn State Football

About Me

I am a die hard Penn State fan and looking to add to my Penn State rookie autograph collection. Read below to see exactly what I collect.


The purpose of this site is to show off and keep track of my Penn State certified rookie autograph collection. All cards are of Penn State players in their college uniforms.

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Matt McGloin - 2013 Star Rookie Autograph /15


Who and what I collect  

I am focusing on collecting one certified rookie autograph of every Penn State player that has one made. Each year, when more rookie cards are produced, I add to my collection. If you come across a card that I don't have yet or one I might have missed in my collection, please contact me. I am not interested in any school issued sets such as TK Legacy. Only certified, pack pulled autographs from Press Pass, Sage, Upper Deck, Topps, Donruss etc. I also like to upgrade cards I already have. For example, right now I have a LaVar Arrington Sage autograph but would upgrade the one I have to a Sage Hit Emerald Autograph. The same could go for some other cards.

$10.00 Finder's Fee

I am willing to pay a $10.00 Finder's Fee, per card, if a card is found of a player that I do not have. Click here for details.

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